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Clause 8

Jun 29, 2021

“Jeff [Roh] knew for every person like [him], who is able to succeed, there's countless others who aren't. They just fall flat because they encounter resistance and give up. And so he was on a mission to make other inventors and surgeons be successful as well."

Don’t miss this latest episode of Clause 8 with President and Chief Legal Officer of IntuitiveX, Mark Han, about the new business model they have created to help innovators in the medical field. 

Mark cut his teeth working for the largest and most notorious “patent troll” Intellectual Ventures (IV).  During the episode, Mark talks about what he learned from that experience and why he’s now excited to be in the business of bringing new products to market and building  new companies at IntuitiveX. 

“A lot of the large companies like Medtronic, they used to have a massive R&D team in-house. A ton of individuals whose jobs are just to invent new things and develop new products from within that company. Now, the model has shifted and those same companies are looking toward smaller companies to de-risk these ideas for them and get a little market traction."

Mark talks about how IntuitiveX uses the patent process to advance breakthroughs in medtech and life sciences in ways that are not possible in other fields. 

“What IntuitiveX does differently is, we actually want to either invent or help inventors. And we specialize in the medical and life science space. We help clients protect their ideas, develop prototypes, test, validate, raise money, set up manufacturing capabilities, regulatory expertise to get FDA approval, and then ultimately bring the product to market.”

This is an incredibly insightful episode exploring first hand how the patent process helps innovative individuals and small companies bring their medtech ideas to fruition. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Intellectual Ventures
  • How to identify and acquire valuable portfolios
  • The “patent troll” narrative
  • How IntuitiveX is advancing medtech
  • What IntuitiveX look for in an innovators and their inventions
  • Taking Amplify Surgical from idea to market